Monday, February 21, 2005

Holiday or just an extra day for chores?

Yeah i'm off today with pay....yeah....but why do the boys have six.....freaking loads of laundy strewn all over their room? I quit doing their laundry about a year ago and gave the responsibility to the "teenager". I thought I woould be nice and do it for him/them today...GEEESSSHH....I know we wash every Sunday it's a must!! Today is only Monday right? Why, how do they have six dam loads? I see Shit in there that I know they didn't wear last week....Now even if they didn't wear the shit, I have to wash it anywayz cause now it S.T.I.N.K.S!!! I feel like waking them up and yelling and cursing about how nasty and trife their room is and breaking out the carpet fresh, plug-ins and dust rags and raising some Monday mornin H.E.L.L..............but no I will be nice and let them enjoy the day off, sleep late, lounge around the rest of the clean house....I will just wake them up at the crack o'dawn tomorrow and make them clean their room before school!!!! I loooove being a mom!!!

oh yeah I forgot to mention in my 100 that i'm a bit obsessive about cleaning....boderline O.C.D. That's another post though.......


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