Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday rambles.....

The weekend was cool!! Friday night I did nadda......sleep by 9ish....such an old lady....folks called and I showed restraint and said naaawww....I gotta save for my trip!!! I can't go out and blow $50 bucks and I don't have ONE new outfit for New Orleans!!!

Saturday I took the teenager to look for J.O.B.S. He wanted me to go with him for "moral" support(that's teenage tactics for buying him lunch or starbucks or smoothies or sumthin!! LMAO). While he applied all around the and my lil guy hung out in Barnes & Nobel. Dam I can spend HOURS in that place!!!! Later My youngest had to go try out/sign up for summer basketball league....I just sat and read while they worked the HELL outta my baby.....He never played for this league but his regular summer league doesn't start til July so I figured we could do both!!! It's $60 well spent....gotta keep him busy!!! Fot home about 8ish....made us a late dinner.......pigged out and went to bed......such an old lady!!! usual cooking and cleanting( a la Madea/TylerPerry) LOl Then my gurl called me and asked me to meet her at a function......drinks and food....hell i'm there. A good friend of her family had their twins christened and threw a lil "shin-dig afterwards.....Good food,cool peeps and dancing....great time!!! After wards girly is on a good one and says lets head out to Humphreys.....Live jazz on sundays and a lil dancing........"Gurl I can't spend any MONEY my trip is fast approaching!!" Gurl I got you!!!! Shit I can't say no to F.R.E.E!!! LMAO
We went had a great time...bumped into a guy I met when I 1st moved to San Diego...We kicked it with him and his!!! I even got to "step" his boy is from Chicago!!! I had a BALL!!! I didn't spend 1 dime!! WOOO WHOO!!!!

I'm paying for it this morning though!!!!!! But hey....i'm here!!!

Y'all have a great Monday!!!!

23 days til my long overdue trip!!!!


Blogger Dee said...

Someone please tell me why my post is sooooo far down? This sucks!!

8:35 AM  
Blogger YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

I don't eeeeven know why your post keep going downward....but I's glad to hear you had a nice weekend. BTW, when I was in SD, I think you could find a Starbucks for miles. LoL

Soooo, I had to settle for the coffe beanery thing. They're not half bad, tho.

9:01 AM  
Blogger princessdominique said...

I can't figure out about the moving post either but that was definitely funny about the teen and moral support. That was code word for "free McDonald's" when mine was growing up and so was, "mom I want to go with you to work."

9:38 AM  
Blogger Dee said...

you told: I got you gurl hit me up with the info!! LOL

Ms.princess:they have lots of "code-words" lol

9:43 AM  
Blogger muffin said...

if i do have more kids, i want a boy so i can do the basketball thing!

10:00 AM  
Blogger Dee said...

MUFFIN:gurl be careful what you wish for...all the sitting I do at the practices and games....shit i'll have a "flat-ass" by 40.....

10:08 AM  
Blogger Slow Metamorphosis said...

Ahh Barnes and Nobles...I lub that store. Girl starting your own Bookclub is easy...YOU SHOULD DO IT! email me if you want any pointers.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Ty said...

wow your weekend sounds good. I take it your going the essance festival in NO. and lol at muffin.

2:52 PM  
Blogger Nikki said...

Glad your weekend went well. We're gonna party in NOLA for the Essence Fest!!

6:03 AM  

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