Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The LIAR part 2...............

Sorry I didn't finish yeterday! I needed time to think and reflect......I wanted to remember the good times I had with him............he came to me at a time when I was down!!! After my husband another woman pregnant and hid it from me I was HURT!!! I felt shit I still can't put it into words..............sometimes I still cry at night about it.....I was with my husband all my adult life..........he the girl pregnant.......hid it from me for a year...................That hurt!!! o.k i'm getting off track!!!

Liar came along and made me smile....really smile!!! We had fun.we laughed!! He made me smile when I felt like crying........made me realize that my husbands infidelity was not my fault...........Now that I look back, he was my "rebound". There are many theories on the whole rebound thing.but hey he made me happy......giggle like a school gurl.......we were silly............we were FANTABULOUS when we were naked!! So rebound or not, he came to me at a time when I was feeling really LOW!!!
Everyone comes in your life for a reason or a season........I really believe that!!!

Enough of the sweet mushy shit!!!! HE IS A FUCKING LIAR!!!!

lET'S GO BACK....WE BECAME INSEPERABLE!!! hE WAS ALWAYS WITH ME AND VICE-VERSA. He would kick it with the us around. Club hop with us. Cruise the beaches whilst we sipped wine. How many guys do you know that mind driving 4 cackling silly drunk ladies around? We had fun!!!!

Around December after he returned from his hometown (Dallas) He slacked off a lil bit! We would only see each other maybe once a week or so....I never questioned it cause I welcomed the "break" so to speak.

Foward to March. March 6th to be exact!!! We both end up at our fav. Saturday nite spot. He got there after me.....greeted me with a hug and went to the bar to get me a drink!!! He went to find his boys and I continued to do my thing....When we were out together, I never "attached" myself to him. Even if we went together and he was with the boys, I would always "wander" around and and give him his space. I would meet up when it was time for a drink or he would usually find me when it was time for another drink!!! We were in "sync" with our drinks so to speak!!

I walked out on the patio and he was in a circle talking to a co-worker and this chic. I walked up to the circle and stood there. The convo stopped. There was no introduction....nothing...the chic walked away!!! He looked at me and said "why did you do that"? I said HUH? He said you know what you did.....I said whatever and walked away.continued to do my thing.....he had pissed me off but I was determined to have a good time still!!!

I walk out on the patio about 30 mins later and he is there with my girl and 2 of his boys.they are all at a table laughing and joking.............I turn around to walk away cause I am not in the mood to deal with LIARS attitude....His boy says "dee come sit with us" I say naaahh i'm cool. My girl senses something is wrong and asks me to come sit!!! She turns to LIAR and says "LIAR what did you do to my friend"? LIAR says nothing your friend is tripping.........Liars friend says "come sit with us" LIAR pats his lap and I sit on it.........whisper in his ear and ask why he is tripping.......he says it's you! I say let's just have a good time!!! I say o.k. We laugh and drink til it's time to go!!! I get up to leave and he walks towards the door..didn't say anything!!! He always walks me to my car...............ALWAYS this didn't sit well with me. I find my gurl and walk to my car. He is parked behind me and is on his cell!!! He walks up to me after he gets off the phone and says "go home.we will talk in the morning" I say LIAR remember when we first started this I said when it stops being fun, I don't want to do it anymore!!! WHY DID I SAY THIS?I STILL DUNNO............He said are you about to cry and I said yeah well it's no longer fun.................I asked him if he wanted company he said no!!! I'm going downtown with my boys........RED LIGHT (usually he will ask me to meet him at home or give me his key to meet him)

Call it intuition.....whatever............I went to his apartment!!! WHY? still don't know.....Why was I in tears? Still don't know!!!! WHY AM I IN TEARS NOW?

I went to his house!!! He called my cell and told me to go home and sleep it off!!! To stop tripping.........we argued a li and I went to his house. He parks in the alley and he has ONE spot. I cruise through and there is a car there in his spot!!! It is not his mom's car.she's out of town!!! I circle the block and pull up behind the car. There is a chic on the hood. I roll down the window

Me: are you waiting for LIAR?
alley chic: Why who are you
Me: i'm his girl are you waiting for him
alley chic: maybe
Me: look I just asked you a simple question!!!
alley chick: yeah i'm waiting for him

I pull off circle the block. LIAR spots me and rolls off!!! I go back to the alley chick.
Me: he's not coming back
alley chic: huh?
Me: I just saw him around front. He is not coming back here.
alley chic: LIAR wouldn't leave me here in the alley (hence the name alley chic)
Me: sweetie he wouldn't come back here if his life depended on it!! He would rather walk through hell in gasoline draws
alley chic: well I will just wait
Me: let's do it!
alley chic: how long have you been with LIAR
Me: i'm sure longer than you!
alley chic: LIAR is married
Me: HUH? married how do you know
alley chic: when I first got to the boat, all his boys told me.
Me: I thought he was divorced.
alley chic: yeah from his son's mom. He married his daughters mom before she was born.
Me: how long have you been fucking
alley chic: I don't get played
Me: laughing really hard.........2 and a half years
alley chic: a few months
Me: ummph well .i'm tired of waiting his ass aint coming!!!

We both leave...we both head to the freeway...something tells me to jump off and go back!!!! I see his truck..of course he pulls off!!!!

I go home.i'm tired,sad,tired mad,hurt,sad,tired...........I remember he has duty in the morning and has to be on the boat at 7 a.m. I go home and try to sleep!!!

O'dark 30 i'm up and on the freeway!!! I get to his house at 6:30 in pink princess p.j's and furry slippers!!! I am MAD now!!! I know he will not buzz me in so what's a girl to do? I scale the fence like a freakin NINJA!!!! Furry slippers and all!!! Go to the door and knock!!! I put my finger over the peep hole and HE FALLS FOR IT!!!! Dummy opens the door!!! He realizes it's me and I block the door with my foot!!! LIAR how come you didn't tell me you are MARRIED? He said and I quote "i'm gonna call the police" What a bitch!!!! I can't believe i'm dealing with such a pussy!!! I walked away!!! Then I thought fuck this.I need an answer, an apology...something!!!

I go and wait by his truck!!! Thinking about catching a case. Bitch slapping his punk ass!!!! He comes down to the truck and clicks the alarm!!!! DUMMY BOTH DOORS OPEN WHEN YOU DO THAT!!! I jump in like we are going somewhere!!! He jumps out truck running and all I said LIAR you are not going to talk to me? He left me in the alley in his truck!!!!!! IDIOT!!!!! I started to back it into a wall or rip the t.v.'s out of the head rests..............naaah instead I took err thing not nailed games, dvd's,cd's err thing!!!! He sold bootleg dvd's for a lil side hustle...I took over 100 movies,flics and aroun 50 cd's!!!! ASSHOL>>>>PUNK BITCH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DON'T LEAVE A MAD HEFFA IN YOUR TRUCK!!!! ever!!!!


I didn't want to run into him!!!! I hurt....not like when my husband did me in, but I hurt!!!!! This was March 7th.........still nothing from apology, e-mail nothing!!!!

I try really hard to remember what he showed me about life...about myself.......about love.........about great sexcapades!!!!! hE CAME INTO MY LIFE AFTER HAVING A MAJOR CRUSH ON HIM......HE SHOWED ME A LOT ABOUT MYSELF..............CHANGED ME A LITTLE FOR THE BETTER.TAUGHT ME TO BE CALM IN SITUATIONS THAT CALLED FOR CALMNESS!!! I WAS C.R.A.Z.Y. ABOUT HIM!!!!



Blogger SMW said...


And women tell me I'm too hard on men.


Show me one who isn't.

I dare you! I have YET to meet a decent one. In all my many exploits.

~deep frown~

I'm tired of hearing stories like this.

3:03 PM  
Blogger said...


3:15 PM  
Blogger Nikki said...

Damn Dee, that was a shocker. I probably would have taken everything out of his truck too. But I would have paid anything to see you scale that damn wall in PJ's and fuzzy slippers. That's a sista gone wild right there, hahahaha!!

3:18 PM  
Blogger Sheron said...

He was seasonal. Good times that ended. You've (hopefully) moved past him by now. Never re-visit what was. You experienced all you were supposed to during that time. Good and bad.

I love how you told his boy to tell him "you're still looking GOOD!" I'm sure he'll relay the message and trigger all those good memories you two once shared. Make him miss you forever. You deserve better!

Like Nikki, I wish I could've seen you jump the wall in your PJs :)! LOL

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Juanita said...

I think I need to take lessons on how to get an answer and or apology from a guy the way you did!! I am truly sorry that you had to deal with a jerk of that nature...I would say that things happen for a reason, but in this case I can't say which.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Hypothetically Speaking said...

Dee, I never knew you had all of that in you. I don't know why some men even feel the need to causes so much unnecessary drama. I'd rather just know the truth (good or bad) so I can deal with it *sigh*

In a perfect world maybe.

10:14 PM  
Blogger Brandi said...

I am so glad you finished this. I have been checking back every hour :)
What a asshole is all I can say and the sad thing is that there are more men out there that are like this then not.

6:07 AM  
Blogger YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

Okay, you done messed me up with the fuzzy slipper bit. LoL

Liar being sorry, didn't mean jack, since he couldn't say so himself.

Definitely a rebound man...or something for a season. Dude doesn't even sound worthy of his wife.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Aziza said...

Isn't it so sad how a person who "seemed" to love and care for you so much before could turn around and hurt you like that? And the way they do their immature dirt doesn't allow for answers and closure. Sometimes that's what hurts the most. Many times we just want to know why someone cheated on us or lied to us. Just why?

But at the end of the day, we should be happy that the ways of the deceitful were revealed and that they are out of our lives. This just clears the way for you to meet a man who deserves you.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Zantiferous3 said...

Girrrl I was all into this story... eyes as wide as saucers... LOL... when you scaled the fence, I almost died.... but had to stay alive to finish the story. LOL

Girl WHEW!!! I wish I had that much spunk in me. I'm more of a fall off the face of the earth type person... I will dis.a.ppear. If someone hurt me like that... they would be the one scaling the fence wondering about ME.

Men can be damn trifling...

But if it's any consolation to you, it sounds like he really cared about you... when things were good. But like Ms Thing said, your season passed... and I too hope that you get passed the emotional hurt and feelings of betrayal.

Thanks for sharing this story with us!!!

7:09 AM  
Blogger Dee said...

@ ms tee: they are not all like this!!!! I am not giving up on men!!!

@mrs. t.j gurl you know i'm from Chicago and Iknow how to cut a nucca!!!

ms nikki: amazing when you're mad what you can do!!!

ms.thing: I still think of him cause the wound is still "fresh" this just happened in March!!! I just try and remember the "good"

juanita......yeah I havent quite figured it out yet either!!!

hyp.speaking: yeah I feel ya.are there any honest men left?

Brandi: I still feel there are some good ones....somewhere!!!

youtold: yea his sorry don't mean shit!!! I really do feel sorry for his wife back in Dallas cause she don't have a clue what he's out here in Diego doin!!!! Sad i've been in her place!!!

aziza: I would like to know why but I know he will never "man-up" sad.....I still have hope!! good things are coming!!!

Ms. X:I have no doubt LIAR cared. Everyone could see it.....some times things just didn't "feel right" I kept thinking maybe it's cause I should wait til my divorce is final before "jumping in".........lots of things were in the back of my mind!!! Now looking was my intuition talking!!!! Next time I will listen!!!

8:16 AM  
Blogger Butter Pecan said...

I was always told to never fall for the rebound guy. You always seem to enjoy him but like you said it stopped being fun. He started out doing the right things for you but ended up messing everything up as usual. Girl you just have to be careful. Shit you never know what man is gonna be real and which ones are gonna lie. God tests us all the time and we take those tests and fail at most of them. Dont let the pain settle in your heart; in other words forgive him for yourself b/c if you hold on to that pain in your heart it will ruin your chances for the next man that might be the right man. Everything will be ok girl. :)

8:52 AM  
Blogger Kayla said...

LOL@ you scalling the wall and getting in the truck like y'all were going somewhere. That was wild...He was just a season, baby.

10:38 AM  

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