Friday, October 28, 2005

Diva's got a lot on her mind!!!!!

I have sooo much on my mind...............

I am feeling really sad. I had a friend/co-worker pass away on Wednesday!!!! She was too young!!!!! She left behind two kids........I feel so sad for them!!!!!

My "new" son is o.k. After my friend passed I have decided to just chill for a while!!! I will not approach his mom yet.....Thanks for all the good advice!!! He is a good kid and he is no problem to us!!! I will just see how things go!!!!!

I have a TERRIBLE chest feels like somebody is standing on it!!!!!

My best girlfriends birthday is today!!!! Of course she is expecting us to "do it real big" tonite!!!!!

I'm going home early to "dope" myself up so I can try and hang tonite!!!!

My computer DIED at home!!!! Black screen only!!!!!

Y'all have a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


My oldest son's friend has been staying with us since early Thursday morning(1:00 a.m.)
When I got home from my Wednesday nite outing.....grown folks He was asleep at my house. When James got up to bring me to work on Thursday he told me the story on the way top work.

The kid( he's been friends with James since sophmore year) got into a fight with his mom lat Wednesday nite......she put him out.....he came to our house. Of course James let him in with his stuff!!!

James said "mom I know you wouldn't want the homie out on the streets" I had to let him in and I was gonna talk to you in the morning"

Now that was Thursday morning. I figured she would let it boil over and come get him on the weekend............It's been a week!!!!! No calls nothing!!!!! Everyday I ask him "did you talk to your mom?" He answers NOPE!!!!

Well last nite I asked him as I do every nite "you talk to your mom"? He replies yeah and the convo goes like this:

me: what did she say?

new.son:she wanted to know when I was gonna get the rest of my stuff

me: HUH????

new.son: she wants me to ge the rest of my stuff!!!!

Now we start to talk. We are home oldest is at work and my youngest is outside playing. He is hurt I can hear it in his voice. He says they fought over money.....everytime he gets paid, she takes/demands most of his money!!!! I feel for him....we talk about 30 minutes and I can hear the hurt in his heart goes out to him!!!

now before y'all get mad at me....I know that there are 2 sides 2 every story!!! But my point is this..........this lady doesn't know me from the man in the moon!!!! She has not called my house O.N.C.E.
she don't know if we are crackheads..........
she don't know if my house is clean...............
she don't know if we eat..........................

How do you let your 16 year old stay away from home for 7 whole days and not come see about him????? I.JUST.DON'T.G.E.T.I.T.

So i'm gonna give her ass til Sunday and i'm going over there to see what the deal is!!!! I don't mind him staying with us.....but I want to know:

Am I going about this the wrong way???? What do you all think?????

Monday, October 24, 2005

Happy Monday!!!!

I had a simple weekend!!!!

Friday NADDA.......NOTHING Me and my youngest went out for burgers and I was asleep by 9.......

Saturday: groceries..............bills paid......and hung out at my fav lil hole in the wall!!! SOLO I love going out alone.....I think people(men) feel sorry for you!!! LOL "who are you with?"

me: i'm by myself really? Let me by you a drink!!!

It seems people think you're lonely when you come out alone!!! Too funny!!!

Sunday: more rest.......I watched Love Jones laid in bed ate....ate...slept......ate...slept...coooked a great beans and rice, fried chicken and corn bread....yummy!!!! and yellow cake with chocolate frosting!!!
Happy Monday y'all!!! How was your weekend?~~~~

Friday, October 21, 2005

My son is the best!!!!

James (my oldest) is the bestest son!!!! He had the car all day yesterday!!!! It has become our little ritual that he can drop me off at work on his payday!!!! That way after school he can pick up his paycheck and take care of his "biddness" lol

He went to Starbucks this morniong and got me my white chocolate mocha with xxxtra carmel sauce......yeah!!! Then when I got in the car to come to work this morning, he had not only a FULL TANK OF GAS but he got me the Alicia Keys c.d. on my seat!!!!!

My son is the best 17 year old a mom could ask for!!!!!

His best friend just had a BIG fight with his mom on Wednesday night and he has been at out house that last few nights. James told him "my mom may yell and cuss but she ALWAYS apologizes and comes and talks to me later! She would never throw me out"

I can't ever see us getting into it THAT bad that I would have to put my baby out!!! I'm soooo glad we get along!!! I am BLESSED!!!

Y'all have a great weekend.....i'm listening to Alicia right now!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2005


For thoose of you who don't know...the "Liar" is my ex.....who after 2 1/2 years, I found out he has a wife back in Dallas. I found out back in March that was the end!!! No excuses no apologies just me cussing and screaming and him walking off leaving me in his truck with the keys........SCARY ASS PUNK!!!!

Antywho......he went out to sea for 6 months and I never had any contact.......Until about 2 weeks ago I bumped into him at a spot we both frequent.......he wasn't due back for another month........I was having a ball and then BAM!!!!! He walks up to me ans whispers in my ear "SORRY" after 6 months of

Now I get an e-mail from him yesterday. When I saw his name, I many feelings/emotions came back all at once.......GUESS WHAT THE E-MAIL SAID???? ARE YOU READY FOR THIS????


You broke my heart and that's all you can say????

Help me out here y'all!!!!

Yeah I wrote him back and REALLY LET HIS ASS HAVE IT!!!!!

I have yet to get a reply!!!!! hmmmppphhh!!! I think I will go to the adult "goodie" store tonite and get me some treats!!!! LOL
~~~~~~Hope y'all have a great Friday eve~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What a great weekend!!!!

Saturday morning me and my girl met my aunt her hubby her best friend and her hubby. We caught a boat from Long Beach to Catalina island for a weekend of live Jazz and drinks!!!

We arrived around 11 a.m we checked into our condo, changed clothes and we were off!!! We had lunch in a very swanky mansion with a view of the WHOLE island..........lots of wine and lots of food!!! A little sight seeing back to the condo to relax and drink a lil more. We got dressed and hit the island for a lil "nite life" WE HAD A BALL!!!

sunday a concert at noon and a another at 7. For the 7 concert it was raining sooo hard but that didn't stop anyone!!!! The hall was still packed!!!! Our boat left a little late so we didn't get back to Long Beach until after 1 a.m wich means I didn't get back to my car until 2 a.m!!!! I got on the freeway at 2:30 a.m and got back to San Diego at 4:30 a.m DAM.I.WAS.TIRED!!!!! Then like and IDIOT, I slept 3 hours and came in to work!!!!!! DUMB!!!! I felt a 2nd wind but it only lasted until noon then I couldn't keep my eyes open!!!!!

Last night I slept from 6 until this morning!!!!!



Friday, October 14, 2005

Tagged and didn't know it!!!!

I was taggedby black silk and didn't even know it!!!

3 things I don't understand:

1. why people are so mean to one another!!
2. why people are so dam nosey!!!
3. why i'm so bad with money!!!

3 things on my desk:

1. pictures of my boys
2. pics of my brother and his son
3. too many dam charts!!!!

3 things i'm doing right now:

1. having my coffee
2. listening to music
3. playing hookey

3 things I would like to do before I die:

1. go on a cruise
2. run a marathon
3. learn to swim

3 thing I can do:

1. cook
2. dance
3. understand and speak a lil spanish

3 ways to describe my personality:

1. life of the party
2. friendly
3. considerate

3things I can't do:

2. sleep late
3. TYPE (yeah i'm a 2 finger pecker....what?)

3 things you should listen 2:

1. your elders
2. your inner voice
3. loved ones that have your best intrest at heart!!!

3 things you shouldn't listen to:

1. gossip
2. people who don't have your best intrest at heart
3. people who are not in a better posistion than you

3 things I say:

1. ummmmhmmmph
2. oi'
3. okaaay

3 fav foods:

1. mexican
2. soul food
3. Thai

3 things I would like to learn:

2. to speak another language
3. to play an instrument

3 beverages I drink regularly:

1. water
2. coffee
3. beer

3 shows I watched as a kid:

1. good times
2. different strokes
3. facts of life

3 things I wish people would learn:

1. do onto others as you would have them do onto you!!
2. what goes around comes around!!
3. life is too short!!!!

I will not tag anyone y'all can all relax!!!!! LOL

Have a great weekend!!! I will!!! I'm off to Catalina Island for the Jazztrak jazz festival!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Titleless Tuesday...........

I don't have a topic today!!!!

That will NOT stop me from

Too tight jeans has NOT called me back!!!!

I sent him a "good morning" text twice last week with no response!!!!

Could it be that he felt that I was not "feeling" him or the jeans?

Why do I work with soooo many haters?

Why are they sooooo concerned with what my responsibilities are?

Why did my son take his senior pics on Sunday and the prices are FUCKING outta this world?

The smallest package is.........................$225 for 8 gift portraits(wallets)

Why am I thinking of dressing him back up and taking his ass to Sears Portrait Studio?


Any legal ideas???? Jail doesn't suit me!!!!!

One of my bestest gurl friends up and decides she's moving to Atlanta......

I want to be happy for her but I will miss her sooooo much!!!!

I wrote her a long sappy ass e-mail telling her how I wanted her to stay for my own "SELFISH" reasons...................

I felt bad because I didn't wish her well right away!!!!!

Now i'm over it!!!! Looks like I will have to make trips to the ATL!!!!

Why am I addicted to M.T.V.'S "sweet 16?

I can't stand rich ass brats!!!!!!



I better get to work now!!!! HAPPY TUESDAY Y'ALL

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Remember my Grandma..............

Today is my grandmas birthday. She passed away in March. I still can't believe she's gone............this May when I was picking out my Mothers day cards, I picked up 2 Grandma cards like I have always done. Then I realized I only have ONE now!!!! That really made me sad!!!

All week I have been anxious about today, wondering what emotions I would be feeling.........I want to remember all the things she taught me. I want to feel happy for her because I know she is in a better place. I know she is happy. I know she is "pain free".

I can not forget all that she taught me about being a lady and about life in general:
"ladies ALWAYS sit with their legs crossed. "

"ladies never ever leave the house without looking your best!!!"

"young ladies speak correct English. It seperates you from the rest"

"if you have it to give, give what you can, you will be better off"

"cook from the heart, with love"

"always walk with your head up high and shoulders back"

"look people in the eyes when they talk to you"

"listen when people talk to you, then respond"


I can not imagine how it would feel to have your only child pass on before you. My dad died in November then my grandma in March. When I went home for my dad's funeral my grandma seemed fine. Then four months later she was gone.

I will remember all the fun I had with her. I will remember all the important things she taught me that I pass on to my kids. I will remember her!!!

Every October 9th I will remember Barbara Jean. A great mother, wife,mother, sister, aunt and friend. A REAL LADY who helped me to become the woman I am today!!!


Now im gonna drink me some coffee like grandma would do and read the paper........anybody got some Lou Rawls I can listen to?Cause grandma loved to listen to him!!!

Have a great Sunday y'all!!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Shady negroes and dumb brauds............

My cell rings at work.....I usually don't answer at work because we are not supposed to use cells in the clinic.

me: hello

dumb.ass: who is this?

me: this is Dee

dumb.ass: this is really awkward....

me: well i'm at work so I don't have long........who are you?

dumb.ass: welll this is kind of hard but my man has your you know Stephan?

me: ummm no!!!!
see folks....I have been giving my number an effort to date and get out I have been giving out the digits where as I usually DON'T.

dumb.ass: he is tall and dark skinned dresses really nice.................

me: ummm no I really don't remember him

dumb.ass: well he called you on his cell last nite!!!

me: well I don't really remember who he is....I am single and I give my number out A LOT!!!

dumb.ass: sorry to bother you.......

After getting off the phone I thought back to who he was....I remembered who dude was....I am horrible with names but I will tell his ass to never ever call me again!!!!
I had never spoken to him on the phone or anything.......

Cell rings after work on my way home!!!!

me: hello

dumb.ass: hi it's Tanya(like we are buddies)

me: yeah

dumb.ass: I spoke with you earlier....just trying to figure out why Stephan is calling you......

me: well did you ask him?

dumb.ass: no not yet....but I know somthing is up!!!!

me: well sweet heart you have to go with your intuition......if you feel something is wrong, it is!!!! But you don't have to worry about me.........

dumb.ass: do you know Patrick or Tee?

me: who? ummm no

dumb.ass: they are his boys.......maybe they called you from his phone......

me: sweetie how old are you? (cause now i'm getting pissed)

dumb.ass: 41

me: you are wasting your time talking to me....i'm not fucking your man nor will I ever!!!!! IF YOU THINK SOMETHING IS WRONG, IT PROBABLY IS!!!! BUT I'M NOT THE ONE!!!!!

dumb.ass: well we have been having gurl works for verizon and I can monitor his calls.

Me: like I said you are wasting your time talking to me......try another number.....GOODBYE!!!!


I spoke to dude last nite and told him:

your girl called me last nite!!!! throw my number away!!!!!!

you know this asshole said" i'm sorry about that.....what did you tell her?"

Get the fuck off my phone!!!!!!

Happy Thursday!!!! Oh yeah, tight jeans has not called me at all!!!!! Maybe he felt the dam.your.pants.aint.right.vibes.I was giving!!! LOL

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

SINCE YOU TWISTED MY ARM..................

SINCE I WAS "OUTTED" BY AT LEAST TWO FELLOW BLOGGERS ...........................WHO SHALL NOT BE "OUTTTED" they know who they are!!!! LOL I guess I better post!!!!!

Here goes.........

Thursday favorite bartender (well she is a friend as well) had a party after work for her birthday. I t was a good time. she introduced me to a guy that she tought wae "perfect" for me lol we chatted all nite and had a great time.

Friday nite...............I met said guy for coffee and we chatted some more. He took me to his place of business and explained to me what he does and showed me around and we chatted some more!!!! He is cool...easy to talk to funny but i'm not attracted to him on the physical you know?
side note: I usually opt for the physical attraction. well a lot of good that has done for me in the past....maybe I need to re-think just how important physical attraction is!!!!!
He is a gentleman, funny as hell ( a plus for some one as silly as me) and has good conversation...........great.........but I don't want to rip his clothes off!!!!! LOL

Saturday: my good friends partner had his retirement party. He retired after 20 years in the Marines. It was quite the event......DAM I WISH I COULD POST THE PICS!!! Y'ALL KNOW "them boys really know how to throw a party"!!! We all wore all white and everyone looked nice!!!! I wore a white corsette(sp?) with black lil flowers, whit capris and black strappy heels.....shit I couldn't breath or sit but I LOOKED GOOD!!!! I was a hit with the lesbians!!!! I stayed til almost 4 helping clean up!!!!


Sunday: sleep and sleep some more........then I went out on a dinner date and walked in the park after we was cool but..............................his jeans were too TIGHT!!!!! I'm sorry y'all his shoes and shirt were cool but I.COULD.NOT.STOP.LOOKING.AT.HIS.TIGHT.ASS.A.LIL.TOO.SHORT.JEANS.

I am no run way model but.........I try not to judge but like I told my gurl It just helps to "look the part" LOL

He is really really nice though..........HAPPY TUESDAY Y'ALL