Wednesday, November 30, 2005's me........

Hey you guys!!!!! I hope you all had a great holiday!!!! My turkey day was good!!! I had a good little break. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.....Monday my youngest was sick so I MADE him stay home from school.

While I was calling in to work at 6:15 he was in the backround saying "mom i'm o.k. I wanna go to school!!!" LOL After I hung up I told him not to EVER do that while i'm on the phone!!!! Boss lady called to see if he was o.k. She just laughed at the message. That kid hates to miss school!!! I hope he keeps it up when he starts High School next year.........

Can you believe it's December???? I am NEVER ready for Christmas............ALWAYS ready for December 22nd though........Diva's birthday is coming.........YEAH...............22 days from now!!!!!

Hmmm what else???? I kind of started dating again......I will keep you posted........He seems nice enough now but you know how quickly that shit changes!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!!!! I need a computer at home so I can catch up on all of the stuff I missed over the last few days!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

I just want to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving!!!!

My computer died at home so I will not be able to blog all weekend!!!! BOOOO!!!! I have Friday off as well.........

My lil brother and nephew are on the way down here from Washington so I will have family with me for the holidays!!! YEAHHHHH!!!

You all be safe and eat really good!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

I just wan to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving!!!!

My computer died at home so I will not be able to blog all weekend!!!! BOOOO!!!! I have Friday off as well.........

My lil brother and nephew are on the way down here from Washington so I will have family with me for the holidays!!! YEAHHHHH!!!

You all be safe and eat really good!!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Great weekend!!!!!

I had a great weekend.........I hope you all did too!!!!

1st off it has been really nice out here!!!!! It's mid November and it's been BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Sure as hell doesn't seem like Thanksgiving when it's 80 degrees outside........ducking as my peeps on the east coast throw shit at me..........

Friday night I did nothing.......I was supposed to go out but I went to bestfriends house to get the front of my hair re-braided and she took FOREVER!!!! But hey when it's FREE..............

Saturday I went to Mexico to eat lobster with a fellow blogger. We had a great time. There was another blogger there as well she is hella cool so is he. It felt like we had known each other for a minute instead of just meeting........"I luv my people" lol I will not name names without permission but I will say I look foward to kicking it with them again!!!!! The females(the fellow blogger and her gurl) were easy to talk too. Sometimes when meeting women for the 1st time and you are new to their crew, women can be a lil "stand offish" but they were not at all!!!!

The female blogger had also gone to the D.C. blooger meet up and showed me some was nice to put faces with some of the blogs i've read in the past.....SMALL WORLD!!!!!

Sunday I lounged all day. It was soooo hot all I could do is lay on the couch!!!!! I should have got my ass up and went to get a freaking turkey and ham but NOOOOOOOO not your gurl.........

We went to see LYFE and Vivian Green at the house of blues last nite!!!!
Dude was nice!!!!! I only knew a couple of songs but I WILL go get his CD!!! His vibe was hella cool and he mentioned his faith a few times and that is rare theese days!!!! He had one song where he kept saying how he knows he needs to be in church on Sunday instead of doing other ish and couldn't we ALL relate???? Vivian Green has a great voice......Who can't relate to "i'm on an emotional rollercoaster, luvin you aint nothin healthy.......luvin you was never good for me....................."

Well it's Monday and boss lady is gone so theese heffas need to be watched!!! Two of them called me at home yesterday to "call in"

When the cats away theese mice

Have a GREAT MONDAY!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005


Today is my mothers birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday momma!!!! I know she is going to have a good day cause my grandma is visiting her in Hawaii.....I wish I was there with them!!!!!

Why did I get a letter from James(the oldest) econ teacher saying he has a "low D" in her class.......

Why did he try to play me like i'm DUMB? Talking about "mom I will bring it up" In a week???? NEGRO PLEASE!!!!! You act like I never went to act like I fell off the turnip't.know.shit!!!!!

I told him:

1. your teacher needs to call me by the end of the day!!!!! PERIOD!!!

2. don't ask me for SHIT!!!! ESPECIALLY my car keys!!!!!!

3. work, school and home PERIOD!!! Until further notice!!!!

4. any violation will result in a beat down like you never ever might just find yourself "assed out" like your lil friend!!!!!

*after I said that I felt bad for saying I would kick him out but I wanted him to know I was not playing*

Boss Lady is gone for 2 y'all know I will be hella stressed "babysitting" my co-workers!!!!!

Can you believe it's already gonna be Thanksgiving already??????? I am soooo not ready!!!!

Happy Friday you all!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I'm back y'all!!!!! I had a really good time!!!!!

I'm sorry I don't have any!!!

I left on Friday with my gurl that lives there in Vegas. She had to work in L.A. Friday morning then work a lil while in La Jolla(near me). She didn't want to ride home alone so she picked me up and we hit the road!!!! It worked out cause I got to spend time with her alone before the rest of the gurls got there!!! Four and a half hours of get to really talk about EVERYTHING!!!!

We hung out Friday nite and really talked a LOT!!! She has a beautiful home and a great new job!!! I am sooo proud of her. Two years ago she was unemployed...........GOD.IS.GOOD.

Saturday morning she got up and made me breakfast in her beautiful kitchen....I just love pretty kitchens.......LOL We ate and drank coffee and talked a lot!!! Then we got dressed and got ready to hit the streets!!!!
As soon as we got in motion, theese bitches call and say we are here!!!!!
BITCHES.PLEASE!!!! Meet us at the's 1:00 on heffas were supposed to be here Friday nite!!!!

Now we give them directions to where we are and do you know one of them bitches have the nerve to say "but i'm not dressed" My gurl said "i'm sorry, but me and Dee are" Why in the hell are you not ready to HIT.IT!!!!

So they get to the bar, we all have a few rounds and then we go BACK to the house and my gurl shouts "YOU BITCHES HAVE 30 MINUTES TO GET READY"!!!! I WAS LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!!!!!! We hit the strip!!!!

The rest of the weekend was a blast!!!! Drinking and more drinking!!!! Dancing and maore drinks and eating and more drinks and laughing and more drinking!!!!!

Sunday we woke up to mimosas and went to bed drinking......ALL.DAY.DRINKING.AND.NON.STOP.LAUGHTER!!!!!

All and all the weekend was great. Only two lil fights.....thats good for FIVE women......We got home at five on Monday!!!!


Wednesday, November 09, 2005


We are leaving Friday morning for Vegas. My two gurls were in charge of getting the rental!!! Why did best friend call me at 6 this morning saying "we can't get a rental car" What the hell???? It is Wednesday!!!! I do not have a credit order for me to get a rental, I have to have $350 extra dollars sitting in my account because to use my visa.debit.card. for a rental, I must have $350 for them to HOLD until I return the car............I have done it in the past but I was PREPARED to do it!!!!! No last minute shit!!!!! I'm sooooo pissed!!!!!

Why do bitches do shit H.A.L.F.A.S.S.E.D.????
Why do brauds wait til the last minute?????
Why do they think I can just FIX.SHIT.???

It just seems if I don't do shit, take charge, shit just doesn't go right!!!!!

Then my other gurl said I have to work Friday half a day!!!! What the fuck??? We all have the dam day off!!!! That was the dam plan!!!! We are always waiting on her PUNK ASS!!! Always!!!! It's not cute!!!!!

Vegas is 4 hours away if you leave at the right time!!!

7-11 a.m. on Friday....Perfect......the freeway is CLEAR!!!!

1-6 p.m DUH!!!! Err body and their momma is getting off work trying to get outta town....mainly Vegas...........

2 lane highway during PEAK hours or a holiday weekend(friday is Vets day)......could make the usual 4 hour trip 8 hours!!!!!

Then she says "dee maybe we can all give you money to put into your account to get the rental car"

BITCH PLEASE!!!! How the fuck you gonna count other peoples money?????? How about you take care of it cause it was your job originally!!!!!!

Glad my gurl has opened her door to her brand new house cause if I had to depend on her ass for hotel accomodations, I would be sleeping in the rental car............oh yeah we don't have a rental!!!!!!

Y'all have a great Wednesday!!!!

I will finish up here and when 4:30 hits i'm off til Tuesday!!!!!

You all have a great weekend

I will get to Vegas if I have to gas my own car up and go....shit BETSY(my car) made it before................

Monday, November 07, 2005

It's Monday!!!!

I didn't get any!!!!!! Still on FIRE!!!!! I thought twice about pulling B.O.B(battery operated boyfriend) out of the drawer but changed my mind.....I'm soooo not feeling his plastic ass!!!!! My gurl says I need to buy a new boyfriend.......

I spent the WHOLE weekend in the house!!!! I only left once on Saturday to take James(the oldest) to work........Then to Wal-mart. Only spent $44 YEAHHH!!! That is a 1st for me!!!!

What is it about that dam Wal-mart that makes you spend soooo much money???? I go for toilet paper and paper plates and spen $100!!! I swear there is something in the air...... Maybe that dam greeter persons sprays something on you when they say "welcome to Wal-mart"

I woke up to a flat tire this morning!!!! The teenager had the car all day yesterday!!!! He parked the edge of the tire on the white.parking.thingy. and it was broken and sharp I assume!!!!

This is a short work week for me....YEAH!!! Don't hate!!!!! LOL
I have Thursday off cause the lil one has a Dr.s appointment at 10 and Friday is a I requested Thursday off. Then the gurls decided ROAD.TRIP. Off to Vegas Friday a.m My gurl that lives in Vegas is having her birthday this house warming!!! She just got her new house!!!! This weekend is going to be a BLAST!!!!! Two Of my craziest gurlfriends.........drinking, dancing,comedy and hopefully some ADULT FUN!!!!

This is my motivation to get me through Tuesday and Wednesday!!!!!

Friday, November 04, 2005


Happy Friday y'all!!!

I need sum!!!! I want to do grown up naked shit!!!!

some of you might be saying "well Dee just do it!!! Like N.I.K.E."

I wish it was that simple!!!! You see being a mom really narrows down your naked-time!!!! It's soooo frustrating!!!

Let me explain.................

I would love to be able to have a "sleep over" but you see the problem is this, I don't want my kids to see some "random.ass.negro.cuming.or.going" I just can't see it!!! The few times I do have company......either the boys are gone(VERY RARE) or I sneak said victim in and out like a is understood that before the naked fun begings you must leave before the sun comes up!!!! UNDERSTAND?????

Even the liar who I kicked it with for 2 1/2 years still left before my boys woke up!!!! He was in respected the way I ran shit!!! EVEN THOUGH HE WAS/IS A BIG.FAT.LIAR.

ALL THE SNEAKING IN AND OUT IS HARD.....THEN THERE IS THE NOISE FACTOR!!! It takes all the fun outta "doing the do" if you can't yell,scream and act a dam fool!!!!

What's a gurl to do??????? Which brings me to my next problem........grown ass negroes that don't have their own place!!!! What's up with that shit?????? o.k I can understand if you are in the Navy and you live on the ship.......understood!!!!! If you don't have your own place this leads me to believe:

1. you live with a woman and your ass is a LIAR!!!
2. you live at home with moms..........
3. you are hiding something!!!!

The men that I have been talking too lately want to come hang out at my house. NO...........HELL.NO!! There is no need for my son's to come home and see you sitting on our couch and you probably will not be back!!!!! You coming to my house and drinking my liquor does not equal a date!!!!! HELLO!!!!

You want my number but you don't have a number to give me!!!! What the fuck????? Do I look that stooopid???? O.k I understand not everyone has a cell(hard to believe huh?) but no home phone? No work phone? You have a woman!!!

Anywayz....i'm on the hunt for someone with their own place to put out the fire!!!!!

Wish me luck.....thanks for listening!!!!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Maybe i'm just old school......

My friends funeral was yesterday!!! It was a nice service......It made me really sad to see her kids faces. Her mom handled it well!!! Her 2 brothers and step dad were fine too!!! I got up and spoke about what her friendship meant to me!!!! I felt I had to!!!!

Here is the problem!!!!!! Is there no "dress code" for church?????
I understand that we no longer have to wear black to funerals!!!! Black is for mourning and sadness. A lot of people consider funerals a "going home celebration" and white and other colors are worn now....o.k i'm o.k. with that!!!!

Tank tops................

club dresses.....................


lacey tops..........................

open toed shoes.......................

hooker heels..............................

leather pants,skirts............................


Where i'm from, you dress a certain way in church. Funeral or wedding or even baptisim.............I know you are supposed to "come as you are" but DAM!!!! I could not stop looking and shakin my head!!!!




Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I chickened out.......

I did not go over to my friends mom's house. I will attend the funeral tomorrow. I'm really sad. I wanted to go over and give her mom a hug and let her know how sorry I am for her loss. You see the thing that gets me all choked up is I don't want to see her children's faces.......I know that seeing them will definetly break me down!!!!!!!

I know that when I look into their faces.....I will cry my eyes out cause I will see my own kids in them........I can't imagine growing up without my mom!!!! She was the only girl with two brothers.........I can't imagine life with out my only sibling.........

Well I better get to work!!!! Y'all have a good day!!!!!