Friday, April 28, 2006

What's a gurl 2 do?????

Happy Friday 2 you blog fam!!!!!!

I really like "big country" but I don't wanna tell his ass for a few reasons.

1. I feel like it's 2 soon 2 be all in "like" with his ass!!!!

2. It's a lil scary cause i'm not feeling like myself cause i wanna call him often and thats sooooo not me!!!!! I'm not a!!!!!

3. If I tell him I like him there is a chance he might "switch" up on my ass if you know what I mean!!!!!!

If I fuck around and tell him that I think that he's cool as hell and I really enjoy his company..............he might turn into another muh-fugga and ruin it!!!! Ya know????? So I try and think positve. You know I will keep you posted!!!!

Since I dam near got cussed out for not giving details about the it goes:

he's good.............not great!!!! Just good!!! He pays attention 2 detail and covers ALL bases!!!! That's a plus!!!!! He is VERY VOCAL wich is a plus!!!!! I can't stan a quiet gotta dam near pull teeth 2 get him 2 say shit!!!!!! If I tell you I like 2 be talked 2 and you still are are about as good for me as a root canal with no anesthesia................anyways!!!!! He gets the job done!!!!! Makes me wanna put B.O.B.(battery.operated.boyfriend) away for a minute!!!!!! He could be my man easily.......but we will see...................

I have FOUR birthdays this weekend!!!!! 2 friends on Saturday.........1 on sunday and 1 on Monday!!!!! They ALL know that i'm not working right now but me being me..........i've been stressing the fuck out all week trying 2 find F.O.U.R gifts that are not that expensive!!!!!!


Bestfriends sister is having a birthday party 2 nite and asked me 2 be bartender!!!!!! HA!!!!!HA!!!!!!! That's like having a crackhead package the product!!!!!!

Have a great weekend blog fam!!!!! I sure as hell will!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

greetings from the lady of leisure.................

Hey blog fam!!!!! it's official my new nickname is L.O.L(lady of leisure) I crack myself up!!!!

Well so far "big country" is in the lead!!!!! I will not get all excited and "giddy" cause then his ass will cut.da.hell.up. so I will just keep it cool!!!!! He is full of compliments!!!!!! y'all know we LOVE compliments!!!!!

"you look 2 hot 2 have an 18 year old" (stop it!!!!)

"bring your fine black ass over here" (o.k you can call me black ass with FINE in front of it)

"hey beautiful how was your day" (shit whatever was wrong with my day it's o.k now)

I could go on and on but I don't wanna bore y'all 2 death!!!!

So far so good!!!! GO BIG COUNTRY!!!!!!!! YEAH WE HAD GROWN UP NAKED FUN BUT BEFORE WE DID I ASKED HIM "AFTER WE HAVE NAKED FUN, YOU'RE NOT GOING 2 THINK I'M YOUR GIRLFRIEND ARE YOU?" (remember the stalker thought I was his woman after nakedness went down)

Big countrys reply "naaah we will have 2 talk about that 1st....the feeling must be mutual"




Saturday nite I went 2 a i felt like I was 25 again!!!!! A friend of mines is moving 2 Seattle. I sort of lost touch with him over the last 2 years and I saw him in the mall a couple of weeks ago and he invited me. I was hesitant 2 go cause I wasn't sure if I would know anyone and his girlfriend is as friendly as a bag of rocks................but i said "what.da.hell." got dolled up and hit it!!!! I knew at leat 20 people there!!!!! It was a very nice party!!!! He had it set up really nice!!! The d.j was on the lower level but speakers were everywhere!!!!! Almost all the furniture was gone and there were dance floors on all 3 floors!!!! It was cool as hell!!!! I.HAD.A.BALL!!!! There were a shit load of cuties ther 2.........I didn't give out my number though..................

Sunday my beautician had a bar-b-que. I had 2 show my face cause he cussed me out for not attending his last 3 functions!!!!! I told him i'm on the hunt for a man and!!!! LMAO Anyways whatever I ate gave me a BAD.ASS.BUG!!!!! I woke up at midnight with the SHITS.........AND THROWING UP VITAL ORGANS!!!!! I WAS AFRAID 2 EAT YESTERDAY!!!!!! Can you say 7-up and sprite all day????????? I called around and took surveys of what everyone ate and we can't figure it out!!!!! 2 others got the shits but no one trew up their gutz!!!!! Hmmmmm.................

I got a letter in the mail the other day stating that my old employer is appealing my unemployment!!!!! i cried for 2 minutes then I let it go!!!!!! The old Dee would have panicked and stressed the hell out but the new Dee is like WHATEVER!!!! IT WILL WORK OUT!!!!! So now I have 2 wait for a court date in the mail.............I will keep ya posted!!!!!

All is well in my world!!!! You all have a great week!!!!!

Friday, April 21, 2006



I saw this heffa last nite at the house of blues.........There were about 8 of us and we were hyped 2 see a good show!!!!!!

1st she had THREE i repeat 3 opening acts!!!!! Bitch who do you think you are Patti Labelle or sumthin????

2nd she started an HOUR I repeat and HOUR late!!!!!! They played music while we waited but that was no help cause at the House Of Blues it's STANDING ONLY!!!!!! So we had already been standing TWO.DAM.HOURS.

3rd this RED.WIG.WEARING.BAD.OUTFIT.SPORTIN.BRAUD comes out and does FIVE I repeat 5 one more time F.I.V.E. fucking songs!!!!!! And get are not ready..........


THEN THIS BEEEYATCH DID ONE SONG TWICE!!!!!!!! YOU HEAR ME 2 TIMES!!!!!! this bad weave having muhfugga tried 2 trick us by so called hyping up the crowd talking bout "san diego y'all are the best........y'all hyped 2nite.........that's whas up.....yadda yadda yadda" then the BITCH.REPEATED THE SAME SONG AGAIN AND SAID GOOD NITE!!!!!

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!! you should have heard the BOOs and aaaww hell naws

I swear if my feet didn't hurt soooooo bad I would have bum rushed the stage and beat her ass like she stole my last $5....................

my dam feet still hurt this morning for 3 dayum songs......................but I did look cute though!!!!!

I got up this morning 2 take the boys 2 school and I coulda swore there was glass in both my feet they hurt sooooo bad!!!! feels like I've been walking on HOT.ASS.LAVA.ROCKS.FOR.DAYS!!!!!

I called bestfriend this morning and she said her feet were on FIRE!!!!
I'm glad it's not just me!!!!! LOL

have a great weekend...............i'm going 2 soak my feet!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Time 2 play catch up!!!!!

Heeeyyyyy everybody!!!!!

I've been M.I.A. for a minute.......I have really been enjoying all the sunshine!!!!! Easter was cool!!! We ate and ate some more!!!!! I didn't get 2 color eggs but i'm over it!!!! Next year I'll just USE I mean help my nephew color eggs!!!! LOL

I'm still on the "DATE-A-THON" there is a new candidate in the running............
We will call him "big country". Handsome and funny. From Louisianna and COUNTRY.AS.HELL!!! I like 2 listen 2 him talk!!! I have kicked it with him twice and he seems pretty cool!!! Educated, Employed and ELIGIBLE...........I asked all the important shit up front on the 1st and 2nd date:

How many phone calls/texts in one day is excessive?(remember the stalker would call 123,234,234,000 times???)

You don't have a wife back home do you??(remember the LIAR and his wife back in Texas???)

If and when we have will not think that i'm your woman??? (1ST RED FLAG FROM THE STALKER.......I introduced him as a friend and when we got 2 the car he LOST.HIS.DAYUM.MIND!!!!)

Would you ever....eva.......eva.....eva..........EVA show up at my house without calling??? (STALKER AGAIN)

He passed so we will see!!!!!!

Mr. 25 I dunno.................he's really cute and fun!!! I enjoy his company but.............drum roll please...........................

HE DOESN'T HAVE A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last time we hung out..........he asked me 2 pick him up and I thought SURE!!!! He's only been in San Diego 4 weeks and i didn't think anything about it!!!!!! He called and asked if we could hang out the other nite and I said "yeah that would be cool" He asked "what time can you pick me up"???



So i'm still hanging out!!!!! Giving out my number........looking...............

Sunday morning went 2 the car and some son.of.a.bitch.broke in my car and took ALL MY THE.CHANGE.OUTTA.THE.ASHTRAY. I HATE THIEVES!!!!!! At least they didn't break a window.......................

Thursday nite KEYSHIA COLE house.of.blues. Should be fun!!!!!!

Let me go play catch up!!!!!!! have a great day!!!!!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

What do you mean you don't wanna color eggs????

Hey blog fam...........

I love EASTER!!!! I love coloring eggs and making cute baskets for my boys and my friends!!!!! So imagine my SHOCK when my youngest said "MA I DON'T WANT 2 COLOR EGGS" then like clockwork the oldest said "MOM WE ARE 2 OLD FOR THAT STUFF" huh?????? what???????? With that said I snapped back "well I guess you guys don't want your baskets either" they both replied "WE WANT OUR CANDY" lol

I have been enjoying this nice sunshine all week!!!! I have spent everyday out and about doing whatever!!!!! It's beautiful!!!!!

I can honestly say that I have not been happy in a LONG.ASS.TIME.


Still on the campaign 2 "get Dee a man"!!!!!

MAYBE D.L.BRUTHA: his roomate creeped me out as well as their interaction with each other.

I'M.A.BARBER.YEAH.RIGHT.: he called me twice and I didn't answer!!! I don't do drug dealers boo!!!!!

THE LATEST I'M MARRIED.BUT NOT HAPPY: this dude was a "re-meet" I met him about a year and a half ago and he was hella cool!!!! I didn't hook up with him cause I was with the "LIAR" at the time!!! We bumped into each other last sunday and were going 2 go out on Tuesday nite......we were talking and he tells me he's MARRIED.BUT.NOT.HAPPY. SCREECH........................I AM A SINGLE WOMAN!!!!! CALL ME AFTER THE DIVORCE!!!!!!

MR.25.AND.SEXXY: I like him and he's cool as hell but shit.........I can't get past his age!!!!! I don't want 2 get married next week but DAYUM what kind of future could I possibly have with him?~!~?~?! I'm sure we could have a LOT of GROWN.UP.NAKED.FUN!!!!!!!!

Well that wraps it up for me!!!!!!!


Monday, April 10, 2006

Can I just CHILL.DA.FUCK.OUT?~!?~!?

Hey blog fam!!!!! Happy Monday 2 you all!!!!!!!!

1st lemme touch on the title a bit!!!! If one more mufugga asks me when i'm gonna start looking for a job................i'm gonna have 2 go APE SHIT!!!!! Can I chill????? My kids are is paid...........when they flip the switches the lights come on.................WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?????????

For the 1st time in a LONG ASS TIME...................I'm happy!!!!! I'm CONTENT!!!!! I can't go shopping and shit like I would like but i'm STRAIGHT!!!! I'm chillin with my kids.....getting my "social" on.......datin and shit and I.FEEL.GOOD!!!!! I realize it's just people being concerned but hey can't I have a lil break???? Or is that not an option for a hard working single mamma????? As long as the state of california sends me my lil check every 2 weeks by the way i've earned...........I'm cool!!!!!

I'm on a lil sabatical!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday night I was chillin on the couch. I got a phone call from not ONE not TWO but THREE different people asking me 2 come out 2 the SAME spot and they would buy me a drink!!!!!!! THAT'S 3-4 DRINKS FREE!!!!! I jumped my ass up showered and dressed in record time!!!!! what are the chances of 3 different friends being in the SAME SPOT REQUESTING MY PRESENCE??????? I had a great time until I had 2 cuss a gurlfriend OUT!!!! She's now an ex friend!!!! THAT.WAS.HER.3RD.AND.FINAL.STRIKE!!!!!! I'LL BLOG ABOUT HER ASS LATTER!!!! They say drunk minds speak the truth!!!!!!

Saturday was beautiful!!! I hung out with a gurlfriend and we went 2 this dudes spot that i've been "talking 2" on the phone for a couple of weeks!!!!! We only hung out once and he was throwin sumthin on the grill so me and my gurl go 2 kick it with him and his roomate...............We are chillin roomie seems like he plays for the OTHER team cause my GAYDAR was going CRAZY!!!! But he was cool non the less!!!! We listened to old school hip hop...........talked about everything from music 2 politics 2 how we were all was cool but then when we left my gurl was like "I think they're both GAY" I was like huh????? So at this point i'm thinking and thinking REALLY HARD about this!!!!! I thought about how theese two interacted and shit and hell I think she may be on 2 SOMETHING!!!!!!

Saturday night I had a DATE with a cool brutha who claims 2 be a barber..............he has a BRAND.SPANKING.NEW.CHRYSLER.300.REALLY.SHINY.AND.PRETTY.WITH.1000 MILES.ON IT

You all may be thinking so???? Barbers can drive nice rides Dee don't be so judgemental.................


And just because you say "I can't work that out right now cause i'm having dinner with a beautiful lady" does NOT excuse you!!!!!!



Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm not a writer!!! I blog just like I talk!!!!

In case you aint up on thangs............I had the pleasure of meeting four bloggin hotties for a night out in HOLLYHOOD. Go on over and read their versions of our night out then come back and check out my version...........

part one: This is how it all went down

part two: Tell him I said "fuck you!!!"

part three: I wasn't born a GEISHA
ms.glam< /a>.

part four: I wish I could start you

Now let me start by saying blog fam knows that I just blog!!!! Theese ladies PUT IT DOWN!!!! They link and post pics and do all the fancy shit I one day dream of............


So I hit the 405 headed north up 2 the L.B.C. Lucky for me that girl TAM lives right around the corner from bestfriends old I find it with no prob!!!!! I get there and meet her They begin 2 entertain me.......y'all know how our kids do when we have company!!!!! LOL She has boys like me so I know what 2 expect!!!! Tam is gettin her "diva" on and I chill with the kiddies!!!! We wait on her sista-in-law to get there so we can bounce and Tam starts 2 get a lil bit testy cause sista-in-law is a lil late!!!! I don't trip cause I know how the hell it is!!!!! I'm chillin the boys are showin me what they do and we are watching the sponge bob movie.........

This is a good time 2 take a moment for Ms. P. She couldn't make it but Tam would torment her through various text messages through the nite!!!!!! I GOT YOUR BACK!!!!

Sista-in-law gets there and we are OUTRO!!!! We head 2 SUPAS pad!!!!! We chit chat it up about this and that.TAM is hella easy 2 talk 2. Either that or I just like 2 run my mouth!!!!!!

Tam: oh that street looks scary

me: yeah it is dark!!!

Tam: we will go the other way........calling SUPA

TAM: where do I turn? we are on such.n.such

SUPA: (i'm guessing she said sumthin like "I don't know")

TAM: You don't know where da fuck your house is???

Me: is this your 1st time meeting?

TAM: yeah

Me: umm hmmmmm (thinking o.k I feel like I already know them. Tam is JUST LIKE SHE IS ON HER BLOG)

We bend a few corners and we arrive at CASA DE SUPA. we exchange hugs like old girlfriends. One cool sister, TAM, Supa and myself. She gives us a tour, we snap a few pics. Jam 2 a lil old school hip-hop and we are out!!!!! We bend a few more corners and we arrive at our 1st destination. We valet and wait for the other ladies. then there was a lil situation.........It seems that BECKY told SUPA that we didn't need reservations just show up!!!!! Door boy says no!!! Ths is the part where it could have got REALLY.UGLY.REALLY.FAST. SUPA handled it like all grown up like!!!! She gets hella cool points for that!!!!! Ms GLAM and Cuzin(one cool sisters cousin) show up and Ms. Glam comes up with plan B...........

Off we go like bats outta hell!!!!! Err bodys on cellies trying 2 make sure err bodyknows about plan B. 2nd spot GEISHA HOUSE!!!! Ms Glam hooked it up!!!! We Valet and sashay in the spot!!!! It's hella cool. The set up........the decor...........and's on!!!! A few ladies don't like sushi...Ms glam tries 2 sell them on the tempura and a few other dishes but naah they aint havin it!!!!! we have a photo opp. with a cool ass bartender. Ms. Glam gets some BAD.ASS.SHOES.DELIVERED. We all ohh and ahh over the shoes finish our cocktails and off 2 plan C.

Cafe des artistes......from the outside you can't really tell what's up but this was the cutest lil spot!!!! We valet for the 3rd time and saunter inside. Here is my 1st clasSICK line of the night:

"y'all valet 2 much!!! That's why y'all be broke" I HOLLERED!!!!!

The ambience of this place is hella cool!!!! We stop at the bar for cocktails of course..oh yeah except for TAM she's already D.O.N.E. Who knew that she was a light weight????? I wish the weather would have been a little nicer cause the restaurants roof and sides would have been open. instead the roof and walls consisted of some thick tarp like material. It's good though cause I fell out when one cool sister stood up on the bench and attempted 2 close the tarp like wall cover. That was funny as hell!!!! I don't blame her cause who da hell wants 2 be cold?!?!

We chit chat and sip. It's hella cool.Lots of convos going on at once

"the french fries here are 2 die for"

"dam theese olives are good"

"pass me that bread"

"can we get some butter for our bread"

"my ass don't need no butter"

"I just TIVO and read"

"it's times like theese i'm glad i'm a witch"


"are you a good witch or a bad witch?"

Then in come white boy #1 and 2. Their party was at the table next 2 ours. I'm in and out of their convo. one cool sister is giving the "please.don't.say.anything.stoopid.look" All while protecting herself from the elements.........Cuzin asks if they are buying drinks.........Supa is obviously WOWING them. Glam is in their convo and back and forth with me and Tam. I think she's dazzlin them as well cause like Tam says "they are white boy magnets" LMAO

There is some talk about an expensive ass t-shirt white boy #1 is wearing and a bad ass jacket #2 is wearing. The jacket was his dads back in the 70's and has matching pants ........yadda yadda yadda!!!! then the say good bye didn't buy any drinks for the hotties........i'm thinking they would have had our attention had they bought a round or two...........LOL

All and all it was a great evening!!!! since i'm last everyone has already covered just about everything so I will say this:

TAM one crazy sista. Even though she was sick as she still brought the noise!!!! Can you say JOKES???? Even sick, she found a way 2 get her joke on!!!!!

SUPA cool as shit!!! You feel like you've known her 4 eva!!!!! She's tiny as hell though.........itty bitty even!!!!! She's mad cool!!!!

MS.GLAM ms HOLLYHOOD. someone you would want 2 know. She's got stories for yo ass!!!!! She had me rollin!!!!!

ONE.COOL.SISTER a.k.a Ms southern comfort. I could just sit and listen 2 her talk!!!!! I'm still tryin 2 figure out how she's from L.A. but has a mean "southern drawl"


It was really cool 2 meet 4 positive sistas from all walks of life with one thing in common this "BLOG THANG"


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What happens when 5 bloggers hang out?????

The 1st west coast bloggin hotties was the shit!!!!!

I HAD THE PLEASURE 2 MEET that girl tam, supa sista, one cool sister and Ms Glamazon Theese ladies are hela cool!!!!

What happens when 5 bloggin divas get together for a nite out on the town??????

part 1 Supas spot

part 2 Tams spot


Monday, April 03, 2006

Happy Monday y'all!!!!

Happy Monday!!!!!!!

I had a great weekend!!!!!! I attended the WESTCOAST BLOGGIN HOTTIES event hosted by THAT GIRL TAM AND SUPA SISTA was hella cool!!!!! I met 4 cool ladies and i'm sure we will be hanging out more in the future!!!!

Friday night I went out for happy hour and had a blast!!!!!! I mentioned this before and I HAVE 2 mention it again!!!!!! GROWN ASS MEN SHOULD NEVA EVA EVA EVA LEAN WITH IT OR ROCK WITH IT!!!!!

If you are 6' or taller you have no biddness doing this freaking dance!!!!! you look like an ass!!!!!!! Dancing in a cirle with four of your lil friends leaning back and snappin your fingers is soooooooo not grown and sexxxy!!!!!!! you are not in the video!!!! Thoose negroes can do that silly ass dance cause well ummmm IT'S THEIR SONG AND THEIR VIDEO!!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!

And if you decide 2 look like a complete ass doing it..........please for the love of all things holy, don't try 2 holla at me after doing it three songs in a row!!!!!!


I am not anti-weave!!!! But as with anything if you are gonna do it...please do it right!!!!!! Cause you better beweave if I ever get one it will NOT look like it was done in bestfriends kitchen while we sipped wine!!!!!

You all have a great week!!!!! I will!!!!!!